Ear To The Ground: Medlar – Aerial EP

One of the Wolf Music family, Medlar releases his Aerial EP (or mini album as the release notes advise). After chatting to Matt and Stu, he kept sending tracks over for the EP for selection and they were all so good, they ended up with this seven track beaut!

All original tracks, this release works as a complete entity. From the off “Aerial” belts the down tempo grooves, heavy snare and bass alongside plenty of synth action which sets you up for plenty more sonic goodness ahead.

Taking you on a ride through the afro tinged hypnotising “Iguadon”, disco funk house business of “Elephant Bingo” and “Phoenix Lights”, the creative beats and layers of “CR78-108” and the perfectly placed leftfield vibes of “ELV” and “Sin Prisa”, the title of mini album is a perfect one.

This is Medlar and Wolf doing everything they do so well. There isn’t a favourite as each track is the sum of the parts of the release as a whole and need to be listened to in their entirety. Not saying I wont belt out Elephant Bingo to a dancefloor as soon as I get the opportunity, but you know what I mean.

Check the tracks below, follow this link to get your copy in the post or hit the Wolf Bandcamp here