Positive Promotion

Stuart Patterson has over 25 years experience in delivering multi-layered events for the commercial, corporate and private sectors. Whether working solely on his personal reputation for creating music led events under guises such as LondonHouseMusic, North Fest 10, Faith, Amor Andalucia, Goa and many more, or sort by corporate companies or private entities to support their own vision, the all encompassing Positive Promotion is the umbrella company that embodies them all.

Positive Promotion is synonymous with quality House and Disco music, while embracing the roots of both and their links to black music across a multitude of genres. In addition, Positive Promotion is continuously praised by clients for its attention to detail, ability to meet the needs of all stakeholders and its unique edge that comes from years of experience in both event operations and logistics and Stuarts encyclopaedic knowledge of the music that takes centre stage at all event.

Stuart Patterson is Positive Promotion and you can contact both to discuss your event needs by email to [email protected]