Ear To The Ground: Into 2024

Seems a while since our last Ear To The Ground where we celebrated some of our favourite releases of 2023, but we start a new year with a host of great new beats and hooks that set the tone for the twelve months ahead.


Wolf Music dig up some priceless treasure with their ‘Selected Works’ EP by Soul Purpose. Perhaps more famous for their Peace Division tag, the duo was made up of legendary London and Ibiza DJ Clive Henry and master of mastering engineers and studio wizard Justin Drake. These tracks were previously released on Low Pressing, a label venture between Clive and Darren Rock aka Rocky of X-Press 2. Brought back to life from the original DAT tapes, these four tracks are sounding fresh to death and available here.

LOS LATIDOS / GRATITUDE EP (Dirt Crew Recordings)

A producer who plays in a dance punk band, new to the label and who delivers a varied sound of deep, rough, acid, soul infused house across various tracks could not be more up Dirt Crews street. This EP features four originals and a remix which delve into different sounds but all stay very consistent in the fact that they are all just damn good. With such varied house offerings on one EP, picking a favourite just isn’t possible, but see if you can pick yours by listening below or buying here.


Felipe Gordon continues to knock it out of the park on his ‘Flutes of Gold EP’ up on Razor-N-Tape. The title cut and track ‘Homage to Bossa’ both ride on a jazzy deep house tip – party perfection – while the haunting and mysterious ‘Beside Me’ will intrigue lonely dancers in the deep dark hour. The EP closes out with the scorchingly hot party starter ‘Acid Party at Santa Barbara’. This is one four tracker that is just too good to miss. To buy here.

BUSTIN’ LOOSE / THE LINK UP (The Disco Express)

The Disco Express is headed up by Tom Lily. The imprint born out of the party and over time, has joined forces with heaps of rising talent and big names alike! On this next EP (available here) by Bustin’ Loose, we are treated to four magical disco party cuts, with collaborations with Soundsmith, Pete Maxey and Magnolia, plus vocal performances from Catalina and Elliot Chapman. We are most in love with the timely and tasteful tribute to one of the queens of the disco era – Marlena Shaw. 


So much Balearic house goodness in one place up on razor-N-Tape from two masters of the craft with Red Motorbikes Eddie C and his long-time friend, DJ and producer Max Essa. Together they serve up four Balearic and bumping house cuts that are so well produced, they make you feel like summer is here already. Out 8 March, get on it here.


The annual Heist back patting session is back and while that sounds a bit of a harsh way to describe, yeah, you’re probably right as it’s always a classy selection of remixes conducted by the artists who released on the label during the previous 12 months, of music released by artists on the label during the last 12 months! Clear? Should be by now as we are on part 10 and this compilation has delivered some absolute belters over the years. This latest edition has to be one of the best yet with producer (and of course remixers) taking part including Cinthie, DJ Sneak, Crackazat, Dam Swindle (of course) and others. There are too many classy offerings on this to pick a favourite, just get them all here.

MAX SINÀL / RAVAGE MUSIC (To The Rock Records)

To The Rock really came to our attention about 18 months ago with the release of Ralph Session’s Cielo and this gem from Max Sinàl is definitely doing similar things to us in the LHM basement. Stripped back deep, soul drenched, underground, jazz tinged, late night beaut of a track with a just wonderful vocal. Then they strip it back a bit more for the dub! Absolute must for your (virtual) box for the start of this year. Get it here.


Petals in Sound jumped into our ears and hearts last year with an absolute gem on Dirt Crew Recordings and her blend of solid house for the dance floor and ability to bring such another atmospheric level to the music was not missed on us. This release on Paille continues to show this combination and it’s the unique additional layers of sounds which just take the underground house vibes to a different place. Bottom line, at 4am on a proper house dance floor, Petals in Sound tracks are going to send a few over the edge! Here to get yours.