Ear To The Ground: Marina Trench – Imperméable en été

The last 18 months in the life of Marina Trench has been great to watch. From first coming into contact with her music following her release on Wolf, her ascendency has been un compromised. DJ tours, more releases and her new label have all been part of the process and it is great to see the DJ, producer and now label boss, focusing on the music and continuing to do what they do best.

Which brings me onto the second release of her label Sweet State. Imperméable en été’ is three original tracks from Marina Trench herself and three quite different creations as well. Opening track ‘Ose’ is created with fellow Parisian producer Hugo LX and drops pure disco vibes with synth layers galore, free running keys, string hooks and stabs and cheeky vocal sample with almost a percussive edge. Wonderfully composed by the duo and has all the bounce and feel good factor a nu disco belter should have.

House takes over for second ‘L’orage’ and is fully focussed on the dance floor and is in the true classic house vein. This track works the beats, bass and chords progressions to the max but it is the sheer volume of layers and sounds that have gone into this that come together so well to make this a proper house work out of the highest level.

The final track of the release is a slowed down piece of synth, pop, ambient business. Has Loose Ends 80s electronic soul, slap bass and smoothness about it. Definitely not expected but really pulls the release together, showcasing the breadth of sounds and creativity we should be looking forward to expect from the artist and her label.

Fully recommend getting this in your collection, check it out below (including three great videos from Josic Jégu) and get your copy here.