Ear To The Ground: Montego Bay – Dreaming The Future EP

Four House beauts have been pulled from the vaults for this ‘Dreaming The Future’ EP out now on Razor-N-Tape. Montego Bay are Italo House maestro Don Carlos and S-Tone, who released under this guise way back when, and it was a hook up between Don and RnT that saw these four original tracks given the light of day they deserve.

There has been a few of these type of releases lately. Artists and producers who have stood the test of time, finding the sound they pioneered back on the dance floors and as a result, raiding the vaults to dig out unreleased music. However, many of them didn’t make it to release for a reason, as they just weren’t good enough then, and not now either. This isn’t the case for Dreaming The Future EP as all four tracks on this release deserve their time on the dance floor, even thirty years after their creation.

Get stuck into all four below. My pick is the jazzed up soul drenched wonder that is ‘Music All Night’, as good as anything you will hear right now!

Check them out below and click here to buy and stream. Also, follow us on Spotify as all reviewed music will find their way on our Ear To The Ground playlist (this release is already there!), plus there will be other great playlists from LHM and also LHM Artists DJs.