Ear To The Ground: Byron The Aquarius – Akira EP

Byron The Aquarius is always coming out the speakers at LHM towers and actually a massive slap on the wrists for me that he hasn’t been featured on the LHM website in the modern era (yes there was an old site and was even more amateur looking than this one, I know tough to believe, all about keeping it real or something!). Well that has been put right and this Akira EP is out now and should be in your possession, no question.

Four original tracks and a remix from New Yorker Kush Jones make up the EP and it all kicks off in style with ‘I Love Yo’. Deep and warm, this stands alone as a smooth groover in your living room while there is no doubt the elements are going to tear their way through a dance floor. Simple vocal sample, quality beats that drive the track forward and clever chord progressions and key layers make this my track of the EP! Strong words when the rest is so damn good.

‘Get Up’ has that classic House vibe with stomping beats, chopped up vocals and keys to die for. Nothing new here but it is just the way Byron composes the whole piece that makes it stand out from your average Jo. Be prepared to hear this on a big rig and make sure you take an extra pair of socks.

Next level beats are order of the day for ‘Love’. The percussion and layers of beats are simply top drawer and completely suck me in. The opening of the track took my brain took me straight back to Lea Valley trading estate circa ’91, with more vocal sample action and simple chords, there is a simplicity to the rest of the track over the complexity of the beats. Gotta love ‘Love’.

Flip to the B side and ‘Success’ is deep and dark and if you have read any other reviews from tracks with spoken word, you’d know I am a complete sucker for ’em. Stabbing synths, bouncing beats, key hooks and more chopped vocal samples (I’m seeing a theme), bring some crazy energy this creation, it’s pretty special!

Kush Jones is on remix duty and takes on ‘I Love Yo’. Taking the BPMs up a notch, it stays deep, adding a real garage feel with creative percussion, organ chords and the heavy use of the vocal sample making this an uptempo groove laden beaut to add to the EP.

Got to be right up there as one of the EPs of the year. Thanks Byron and of course Heist! Get it here and take a listen below.