Ear To The Ground: Scan 7 – The Resistance (Remixes)

Ten years ago underground Detroit masters Scan 7 dropped ‘The Resistance’, a relentless house floor shaker that still finds its way to dance floors a decade on. The track will be re-released with two great remixes, not in celebration of a time driven milestone or a hark back to past glories, but “as a recall to the thing that kept us going after sanitary, political and social crisis: Our resistance! “

The package is the very first release on the new Scan label, something that is a very exciting prospect in itself. Accompanying the original are remixes from Terrence Parker and Dam Swindle, both of which work their magic, bringing their own takes while honouring Scan 7’s creation. No element could be more important than the spoken word in the original from Detroit-born artist WysPurr, representing an image of strong women as true figures of resistance throughout history. Both remixers completely understand this and retain this with prominence in their versions.

Dam Swindle bring a skip to proceedings with new house beats and add their special groove, adapting the organ hook with a more Rhodes sound and additional chords and riffs, while chopping up and playing with the original strings throughout. Pure class as always from the Dutch pair.

Retaining the drive of the original, Terrence Parker messes with the organ to create a new hook, adding new layers of keys and sonic goodness. The track doesn’t let up and will take hold of many a dance floor over the weeks and months ahead.

Two seriously good remixes and a new label to look forward to makes this a poignant release and one you need to get your hands on now. Check it out here while buying your copy!