Ear To The Ground: Hauke Freer – One Tiny Universe

Hauke Freer has created two classy House tracks and brought in SV partner Matthias Reiling for remix duties.

Title track “One Tiny Universe” gets stuck in from the off with deep driving beats, rolling bass and synth stabs while introducing a counterpoint of smooth layers of keys and vocal spoken sample to take the track somewhere completely different to where you expect from that first run of bars. More synth layers are added as it builds so expect to get full on lost to this on the dance floor.

Matthias take “One Tiny Universe”, strips it back a touch and gets those horns in early for more of a head down elbows out version of the original. 

Finally “Mmm” brings the soul with a deep and delicious track that brings plenty of soul through the smooth bass line, creative funk leaning beats and a wonderfully worked vocal sample that just stays in ear shot throughout most of the track.

Pure quality from Hauke as we come to expect. Make sure you check the clips below and GET YOUR COPY HERE!