North Fest 10 Preview – Hot Toddy

We’re so happy to have Hot Toddy from the mighty Crazy P as one of our headliners at our Carnival special.  Our relationship with Toddy goes back over 20 years when we’d book them to play live when they were still called Crazy Penis.  They dropped the ‘enis’ and took the ‘P’ all over the world being one of the UK’s hottest live and DJ exports for the past two decades.

Toddy has a quality production catalogue of his own dating back to the late 90’s and a huge remix catalogue of over 100 titles, from Soul Clap to Estelle + Kanye. And the main thing for Aug 28th, he’s a proper party rocker and the perfect fit for the hottest post carnival line up.

Tickets essential of course from right here – North Fest 10 Carnival Special