Ear To The Ground: Tone Control – Illusion (Theo Parrish Remix)

Jumping back 14 years to a time when everything was simpler, Theo Parrish was slapping the clubbers round the chops with underground beats at his residency at Plastic People and one of those tracks was a Theo favourite, Tone Control’s ‘Illusion’.

Jump forward to 2022 and the legend that is Mr Parrish has taken the stems to said track and has worked his magic to create a 10 minute remix which sees the original deconstructed, layered, chopped up, twisted and melted into a spanking new version for your pleasure.

Of course the focus is on this new remix which has been delivered with such expertise and creativity, but it also reminds us of what a killer track the original was and with this on the flip, if you missed it the first time round, then you’re in for a double treat! Oooo those Rhodes keys will get you every time!

Take a listen below and get your copy via Wolf Music who have worked their magic to make this happen HERE