Ear To The Ground: Crackazat – Demucha EP

There doesn’t seem to be much time passing between posting a new this or that from either Crackazat or Heist Recordings. So when they come back together for the first time in a while for a new EP, covering on this site was always going to happen.

The question is, how do you follow one of the best albums i’ve heard in a very long time that had killer reviews across the board? Simple, wear a beany (all the time, literally, bed, shower, dinner and especially when slapping out new basslines and beats), pull musician faces when playing elements of new work in cool little social videos, and knock out three more original, beautiful and wondrous House creations to make up an EP consisting of stunning composition, exceptional musicianship, decent beats and percussive layers, worth while samples and of course, feel good vibes, no question. Basically be like Crackazat.

There is little we can say in praise of the man that hasn’t been said over recent months, so take a listen below and just be happy that the lovely fella is part of our musical lives. Oh and buy your copy here