Vintage House Foundation: Deep Dish presents Prana – The Dream (Sharam’s Deep Dish Mix)

The first in our nostalgic look back at some of the finest house music ever to have graced our turntables, sound system, car stereo, headphones and dance floors. From way back when to recent years, we’ll be delving through the crates to remember popular favourites and lost classics.

The first track to find it’s way onto our site is a ’94 classic from label Tribal UK. Tribal delivered some of the best house during the decade, with both Tribal UK and Tribal America releasing tracks from the likes of Underground Sounds of Lisbon, Danny Tenaglia, Angel Moraes, Junior Vasquez and of course Deep Dish who we feature here.

Released in the year I was turning 18, I was constantly out and about and still having memories (or clouded flashes) of hearing this on one of the dance floors in Goods Way. It was also on the brilliant and first ever DJ Mag mix CD, ‘The Night Before The Morning After’, a killer Tribal mix from Tenaglia and equally stunning Ninja Tunes mix from Cold Cut, a CD that still gets plenty of ear time in my house/car 27 years on, timeless!

With 5 versions of The Dream on the vinyl, it was always Sharam’s Deep Dish Dreamscape that seemed to get the focus and rightly so. Driving beats and stabs kick the track off in Tribal style before the ridiculous groove from the keys and bass line work their way in. The rest is history.

Sit back, crank up and enjoy.

You can still get hold on this beaut on vinyl via discogs and on download here.