Review: Billy Lo – It’s The Life EP

This repress of a forgotten classic alongside a killer remix and two new original tracks make this a sumptuous piece of HOUSE you need in your life and out on vinyl via Cosmocities from today (12 February).

Billy Lo is the coming together of a trio of underground producers hailing from the Motor City of Detroit, consisting of Bill Beaver, Darryl Tiggs and Darren Abrams. EP title track “It’s The Life” was released back in 2002 and very grateful for the French label picking this up, one for giving it a second airing but also to allow Kai Alce to get his hands on the remix which is packed with the soul of the original but plays with the vocals, adds a jazz heavy cornet/trumpet to the equation and take the original into a brand new place. Both feel great inside.

Two new originals have all the wonderful flavours these three producers are so creatively able to bring together, house, soul, depth, freedom but also a tight blend that works so incredibly well.

Check all four tracks below and get your copy RIGHT HERE