Ear To The Ground: Nikki O – Rough, Rugged, Raw (Album)

We don’t cover many albums but this 8 track offering from Nikki O hit our virtual desk Wednesday evening and although we haven’t had time to do a review, we just had to get something up in time for release day today!

The brilliant Detroit based Jazz vocalist, poet and songwriter Sky Covington has joined forces for this album with house producer THATMANMONKZ under her Nikki O alias. She is best known in the House music world for her work on Mahogani Music with the likes of Alton Miller and Moodyman but this album will drive her deservedly to the forefront.

The LP moves through a multitude of House flavours and is a proper album, not just 8 tracks stuck together. And don’t let the lyrics pass you by, get immersed in an album you will listen to from start to finish again and again.

Check it out below and make sure you CLICK HERE FOR YOUR COPY!!