Ear To The Ground: Nebraska – Your Love Is True

If you got a little cash from Uncle Geoff for Xmas, you would find a lot worse ways to spend it than on Nebraska’s new release exclusive via his Bandcamp. Actually reading this back, it doesn’t sound the most complementary, but is certainly meant to be, as both versions will delight your ear drums immensely!

Normally I would go into the release and offer some personal feelings and info on the sounds and techniques but I have had far too many drinks (do one, it is Xmas and we  are still in 2020) and anyone who has read our reviews of Nebraska or listened to his interview (If you haven’t you’re a loser but you can here and should) will know we love the fella and would only do the usual ego stroking of the lovely man.

So listen to the tracks below, spend that £2 your uncle gave you (yes, just £2 for both belters) and accept my apology for calling some of you losers. I knew scheduling any work for between Xmas and New Year was a bad move but I wouldn’t listen to myself. You never do. Probably coz you talk shit. You can talk. Aaaaaaahhhhhhh…………..