Ear To The Ground: VA – For My People (I want You to Get Together)

New release from Feedasoul Records, a label based in Byblos Lebanon, in aid of the Beirut Crisis Relief. A five track gem featuring all original creations from from four international guests and a local friends and co-founders of the label, Papa Soul and Patch.

As you will know, we don’t feature music on LHM unless we are invested into the sounds we hear and this is no different. However the back story to this makes it all the more important that you listen and get your download. First the music……

Feedasoul have enlisted UK based producers Ben Hauke, Contours, Footshooter and Soul Groove for the project, alongside Papa Soul and Patch from Byblos. Across four of the five original tracks, expect stunning deep house grooves, creative beats and a mountain of influences from each of the producers infused into their work giving the individual offerings a unique flavour. The one missing track, Contours delivers a leftfield percussive sonic experience of some quality. Make sure you take a listen below.

Feebasoul Records approached artists for a special prject who delivered original productions for the EP with all fees waived. All of the proceeds of this release will go to Beirut Crisis Relief. In August of this year, 2700 tonnes of improperly stored ammonium nitrate destroyed half of Beirut. 200 innocent lives were lost, thousands injured and 300,000 lost their homes. Feedasoul Records have now taken the initiative of compiling this Bandcamp exclusive which will raise money for the NGO’s who have been so vital in trying to get the country back on their feet.

The link below will take you to the labels release on Bandcamp where you can purchase the EP, plus read in more detail about the label and their creative plight in their own words, the cause itself and the artsits involved. We recommend you do as it’s the likes of Feedasoul who are much more than just a record label.