Ear To The Ground: A Bunch Of Guys – Let the Rhythm Hit’em EP

Fotograaf: MichielTon.com

Dirt Crew Recordings do the business as always with the first release from A Bunch Of Guys, the solo project of Utrecht based dj/producer Rob Scholtens (or Pablo Discobar to you and me).

Three original tracks and a remix from Fouk who seem to be batting out remix after remix at the moment and the reasons are completely obvious aas they are just brilliant at them! There version of Let The Rhythm Hit’em is definitely staying within that category.

Opener ‘Filthy Rhodes’ is a pretty decent description with classic house chords, hooks and uplifting vibes. Title track ‘Let The Rhythm Hit’em’ is a percussive, jazzy, sample heavy track that is one for the house dancers, check it out below but make sure wherever you are there is space to move, you’ll need it. Finally ‘Launch VI’ brings the break beats a funky electronic edge.

All in all, this is wonderful and loving the new alias of the artist. This is as straight up house as I have noticed from Dirt Crew for a while and although i am always gushing about their variety, this release does feel warm and lovely in a House sort of way.

Have a listen below and BUY HERE