Review: Earth Boys – A Deal With The Devil (Wolf Music)

Out on Friday 4 September, Wolf Music have a six track cracker from Earth Boys, the first release for the duo on the label.

The info received with the release advises “Earth Boys, also known as co-captains Julian C. Duron and Michael Sherburn, to take you on a worldwide TRIP for their newest release” and this couldn’t be more accurate. This is House in many forms with nods to sounds across the globe and continues the trend of looking back at what made a particular sound, time and place so great. The beauty of this release along with a few others we have heard/reviewed that pay homage to earlier house sounds, is there is a clear vision forward within these productions and not just recreating what once was. The Earth Boys have done this with some class.

Six originals and no remixes on the one release is like heaven to me. As previously mentioned, there are House vibes aplenty and with the range of flavours throughout, choosing the track of the release is something that will change from moment to moment. Since my first listen I have moved from the early UK house of LSD to the wonderful layers of deep grooves that is Love Yourself to title track Deal With The Devil which is an uptempo dancefloor killer as my pick of the bunch. You can guarantee over the days ahead, the blissed out Earth Song will be added to this list.

Wolf Music has to be commended yet again for the delivery of more creative and high quality House music and with this partnership with Earth Boys to add to their enviable catalogue, Wolf have shown why they are an important part of the UK house scene. Take a listen below and CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE YOUR COPY or STREAM


Track list –
1. Piff Party
2. L.S.D
3. Love Yourself
4. Upstate
5. Deal With The Devil
6. Earth Song