Review: Smoove & Turrell – It Ain’t Working (Ashley Beedle / Sorley Remixes)

I’m a big fan of the soulful Smoove & Turrell so when we received the forthcoming remixes of ‘It Ain’t Working’ from their stunning ‘Stratos Bleu’ album (must listen if you haven’t already) with Ashley Beedle and Sorley on remix duties, I knew it would be a winner and I was right!

Ashley Beedle, according to release notes “was given free rein to choose which track he wanted to remix but he knew straight away this was the one he could do the most damage on.” It is a great fit. The structure and soul are retained including the uplifting vocal of Turrell while at the same time, adding the solid kick and disco beats plus a groove laden bass line so typlical of Ashley Beedle. Additional keys, strings and layers just take this to new levels and it really is a killer remix of the highest possible order.

In addition to the remix, there is a dub version which is damn fine as well. It is what it is and there is most definitely a place for it in the release. You can hear all the elements you may have missed in the vocal version, top work.

Sorley take the track uptempo and into solid house teritory. A very much darker edge, some of the original vocal parts sound like they have been torn to pieces and reinserted in the track with great success. As the track develops and the underground house vibes take hold, the original vocal in its soulful clarity sits pristine on top, something I really wasn’t expecting, and it works like a dream.

You can’t pass the Ashley Beedle NSW Vocal Mix for my track of the package, all three are top class. Out on the ace Jalapeno Records on 14 August, STREAM OR BY HERE