Review: Detroit Swindle – Coffee In The Morning EP on Heist Recordings

The dynamic duo are back on their own label Heist Recordings with a new EP, “Coffee In The Morning”. This four track features two original creations with vocals from Jitwam, a dub and an phenomenal remix from Prins Thomas.

Detroit Swindle are so accomplished with their productions, they have set their very own bar particularly high. This release is of the highest order, not only in the creations themselves but choices in collaborators.

Lead and title track “Coffee In The Morning” sees DS team up with vocalist Jitwam. Dropping the beats and bass line from the off, the track hits the ground running with added percussion, bass and vocal delivering a real live sound and feel to the track. Gently building with rhodes style keys, a raw indie quality coming from Jitwams voice, the track continues to drive through the rolling bass line. Now I am not one for a saxophone as a rule, I see one come out in a club, I start to panic a little, but as the track breaks down and additional keys entering the frey as well, the freedom and quality from the sax just take this up to dance floor destroyer level. I am not sure how long I can wait to be able to hear (and see) this track take hold of a small dark basement, bloody lockdown!

The dub is a dub. As it should be. Although the vocal on the original is quality, the dub is a must on this EP in my opinion.

As mentioned already, not one for a sax, but with the help of this remix of Coffee In The Morning from Prins Thomas, I have realised that many of the tracks with saxophone in the past have just been toilet! I love the sax now! This remix lightens up the beats gives what was a driving bass line in the original a more a disco edge. Making a feature of the saxophone throughout and breaking down the vocal to feature as more of a sample works wonderfully. Add to this a phenomenal electronic keys section and this just blows up and is absolutely my track of the release, it is brilliant. Prins Thomas, you lovely lovely man!

Taking a breath, we move onto the final track of the EP, “Move Out The Way” which also features the vocals of Jitwan. This has a real 90s house vibe about it with the 909 beats, something that seems pretty popular at the moment. Deeper vibes, plenty of groove, simple key riffs, multiple layers and a great vocal in a sample kind of way, this is another track that will have you bouncing about the dance floor.

Exceptional stuff, check out the Prins Thomas remix below and get onto the DS website and get your order in.