Ear To The Ground: Bassfort – Joe ‘Joaquin’ Claussell and Kyodai 10th Anniversary Mixes

Bassfort Moon Shadow and Moon Light are modern House classics and the beginning of a very special label from Mats and Tooli, Local Talk. Now 10 years old the label continue with their reworks of some of the finest music from the Local Talk vaults.

For this Bassfort release, duo Kyodai reacquaint themselves with the label for a pace off chugger rework of what was their own release under a previous pseudonym (minus a Nacho!). Obviously knowing these tracks inside out, they take this on with slowed down funked up beats and bass line to match, while inserting key strands from both Moon Shadow and Moon Light into the rework. Perfectly placed vocal sample, the killer piano chord progression, strings and what I believe is a new vocal unless I’ve missed something somewhere along the way. Brilliance from the duo.

Add to this an 11 minute dancefloor journey from the mighty Joe Claussell and we are being completely spoilt. Leading with the simple pulsing bass line, the freedom of the piano line is immediately introduced with layers of original samples and the rolling synth, building the percussive elements and maintaining the piano for over 5 minutes until the original chord progression of the original just drops! By this point there is no guarantee you will be on the same planet as those around but the introduction of such a recognisable piano loop will bring you and everyone right back in the room and I cannot wait to see what that looks like. Throwing more synth key layers on top, horn stabs and the kitchen sink at it, this is going to go right off! Yes, this is isn’t the best piece of journalism you will ever read but you take a listen and you will completely understand. All I ask is play it from the beginning to the end and turn it up.

Get on Bandcamp now and get your copy here and make sure you take a listen below.