Ear To The Ground: Shur-I-kan & Milton Jackson – Paper Cut EP

This combination of artists and label offers quite some sentimentality and although was always going to find its way onto our pages, doesn’t take anything away from the quality!

As mentioned in the release notes, it’s been 15 years since these two first got together on Freerange and at this time the label was delivering some unbelievable deep underground house from the duo both together and individually, Manuel Tur, Rocco, Brett Johnson, Audiomontage, Jimpster himself of course and plenty of other artists and releases that really were creating a special label.

Add to this booking them both and following Tom’s podcast over past years religiously, you could say i’m a bit of a fan boy but when you get tucked into the three original tracks on this Paper Cut EP, the simple fact is, this release is decent!

All three tracks offer something different but are most certainly geared for the dancefloor. Title track ‘Paper Cut’ works off solid beats and shows how you can work in multiple layers of groove, synth, samples and keys into action without sounding at all crowded. Next up ‘Hit Thinking’ slaps the hi-hat and synth loops from the off and sets the tone of the track. However, the jazzy Shur-I-kan vibes of flute and horn stabs are introduced alongside a perfectly placed horn solo mid track to take this to the next level. The final track ‘Sixth Section’ picks up the pace and takes the energy up a notch with proper bouncing beats throughout. Add to this a creative synth line juxtaposed against smooth synth keys and you have a 4am belter that will make a mess of a good few people over the months ahead.

Pick of the bunch, I do love title track Paper Cut and for me the stand out. Nice to have these two and the label back together doing what they do.

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