Goa in 2024

Three years late but definitely better than never, we return to beautiful South Goa in January 2024. After a truly memorable first event in 2020, passes were flying out for the following year and then that pandemic hit (remember that).

We tried again in 2022 but further variants and a spat between the UK and India governments meant that obtaining visas was a royal pain the arse. Spat over and with easy e-visas available again we are raring to go for winter 24 so join us in South Goa with a stunning few weeks in Palolem, Patnem and Agonda areas. 

Those lovely people that stuck with us, your passes from 21+22 are of course valid for this. 8 parties over 16 days from Jan 18th to Feb 2nd with a days rest between each, but expect film and food nights plus of course insider tips for the best restaurants and things to do when you are not enjoying wonderful music from some of the UK’s finest DJs.

We will announce further updates on the fb event page here and you can get your passes here. Winter sun here we come!