Ear To The Ground: Recut – Love Da House

We have been following the vinyl only label Recut Music and producer Recut since the first release back in those lock down days and the lost summer of 2020. It is definitely a time we would all prefer never happened but there was some seriously good music released over the course of the year and Reload Disco, the first EP from the label was definitely in that category, plus our event listings only site had to take turn in a different direction, so there are some positives.

The new EP from the mysterious old school producer is the fifth on his label and this will be another vinyl only release. We are suckers for a vinyl only but there is an internal battle that wishes the Recut catalogue was available to those dancers and clubbers alike who need some Recut in their lives.

The new release is a high quality set of four original heavy house creations that reimagine with aplomb the classic sounds from the US, the acid, Chicago and NYC vibes that set the whole thing in motion. The analogue synth loops, synth keys and stabs, classic percussive beats and sounds, retro vocal samples and the raw edge across all tracks are set to bring some proper heat to dance floors everywhere.

Check out the tracks below as they are well worth your ears! If you are locked in with your turntables at home, make sure you click this link and get your copy now. If you don’t, well tough shit……..for now, or get yourself out and about as i’m sure you will hear these gems far and wide. We’re due a LHM review mix so keep your ear to the ground as we will definitely be including ‘Trip This Way’ in the next edition!