Review: Rogue D – Burning EP

A three track proper house record from Rogue D on Crosstown Rebels sister label Rebellion.

Consisting of three quality originals Rogue D highlights in the release notes that “the idea behind Burning was to create an EP using disco samples but with a raw house flavour, including killer bass lines and captivating vocals.” This is completely true and the result is an offering of the highest order.

Opening and title track “Burning” leads with a raw live bass line that drives the track from the first beat to the last. The vocal sample is powerful in its delivery and sits perfectly alongside the beats and bass while the groove is added by the Rhodes keys which smooth things out just enough while making sure the rough edges remain in tact.

Next up, “Coming Home” does things pretty similar to “Burning” but the way the elements are combined take the vibes to a more funk fuelled level to the head down nature of “Burning”. Still focussed around the bass, the beats and vocal sample, pick up the bounce with the sample chopped to pieces to become an additional percussive element to the track, lovely stuff.

Finally “Nights” brings the disco funk. Dropping the tempo slightly, this absolute beaut pulls apart an early 80s classic, mixes it up, adds heavy beats, additional layers and puts back together with a big Rogue D rubber stamp on it.

Really not a review to be choosing your favourite, they are all top bins and depending on the day, the time and how you are feeling, your decision will change anyway. Right now, “Nights” is taking me to the floor but I know later on “Burning” could have me head down and stomping. My verdict, gravy!

Get a taste of all three tracks get your copy of the EP HERE