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Zaf and Jake

As a result of the Covid 19 pandemic, never has supporting independent and local business been so important. We had the opportunity to speak with the brilliant Love Vinyl record store in East London to see how they are getting on reopening following the recent closures of business. Get reading, get supporting and get down to Love Vinyl and fill your boots with a bag of new records.

LHM – How has the lockdown affected your busines? Tell us about the last 3 months?

Love Vinyl – Lockdown actually gave us a chance at Love Vinyl to do some much needed refurbishments and work we would have struggled to complete otherwise. Although the time was tough, we used it wisely.

Previously we were a two counter shop. One side dedicate to new releases and the other which focused on more specialist vintage releases. We are now strictly vintage with a few new releases.

During lockdown we have installed more racks for records thus increasing our stock and we’ve re-painted the shop to make it look brand new again. Many people who have visited commented on how great its looking!

As far as the business goes we’ve continued to sell online and that’s kept us going thankfully.

LHM – What do you think will change about the way you do business going forward?

LV – Going forward we realise its going to be harder to get people travelling and as a result of that, harder to get people into the shop. At Love Vinyl we will have to work harder on our online presence to grow sales online and to convince people to visit. We are going to continue to offer incentives in discounts and try to tempt them with social media posts telling them of new incoming stock. So look out for our offers!

LHM – What have you got planned when you finally open?

LV – We would really like to put on a tribute to Andrew Weatherall. He was a regular visitor to our store, so we would like to do an instore in his tribute, I’m sure many people would love to honour his memory at such an event. Of course we will wait till everyone is confident to attend.

LHM – 2020 has been pretty horrendous. We lost Weatherall, the global pandemic, the tragic killing of Floyd George. What is your message?

LV – Our message to people is don’t let the pandemic stop you buying music. In tough times the love of music and collecting records can be a great help to your mental health, and if you can’t come in and visit us we are more than happy to help you buy online. Black Vinyl Matters!

Love Vinyl is located on 5 Pearson Street, London, E2 8JD. Get there now!

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