Review: Nico Lahs – Got Me Coming Back EP

Out on 22 January, Nico Lahs releases his new EP on Delusions of Grandeur, offering four original tracks of some class.

Opening things is the title track ‘Got Me Coming Back’. This up tempo dance floor killer slaps down a solid house beat from the off and soon picks up the vibes with a funky rolling groove heavy bass line which is the focal point of the track. The pace and groove from these two elements is infectious and doesn’t need a great deal extra, but the addition of vocal sample, strings/synth and what sounds like an effected guitar riff, turn this into a smiling head down elbows out 4am belter.

‘Deep Down In My Soul’ offers a multitude of styles, pulling them all together for what is my track of the release. The percussive beats and deep bass line set the tone for what’s to come……..well sort of. These elements are prominent throughout, however as the track develops electronic and synth layers and hooks start to take this in a new underground direction before piano chords are introduced, combining with all the other parts to almost add a soulful feeling to the sum of the parts. This is making no sense I am sure so make sure you listen below and just enjoy this brilliant track!!

Third up is ‘Your Sweet Loving’ and this really is a silky deep Delusions track which slows things up just a touch and includes a variety of organ/Moog style keys with chords and freestyle layers.

Finally, I hate seeing people say they are reviewing an EP and then cut and paste from the press release but I am going to do exactly that, but at least I am telling you and not claiming as my own! It really is the perfect description and if I could write creatively, I would have picked these words too……

“Closing out this stunner of an EP we have How’s Life? That classic B2 kinda track which so often becomes your favourite on the record… Nico takes things in a jazzie direction cutting up fretless bass, fusion guitar lick, Fender Rhodes and filtering ride cymbals leaving us on a high and proving why he’s such a respected and consistent producer.”

Make sure you listen to the release below and get your copy on either VINYL OR DIGITAL HERE