Review: Jimpster and Matt Masters – Dub Come Down EP

Freerange keep the string of great releases going with label cohorts Jimpster and Matt Masters coming together with their Dub Come Down EP, released 11 December.

With Matt Masters supporting Jimpster with his Freerange label since way back in the early 2000’s, it is crazy to think this EP is their first official collaboration. And the result is every bit as good as you would expect it to be.

With three original creations, title track “Dub Come Down” is the opener. The fat slap of the kick and live bass line really give this an energy that hits you from the off. Additional percussion, synths, Juno organ, sonic layers and super tight production take this deep driving house track to next level business.

“Area E3” is a stabby electronic creation. Syncopated with clever internal rhythms, it lacks no less groove as a result and have a real funk to it. On written description of its individual sounds and elements, maybe something you wouldn’t expect, so best thing to do is listen below, as you will learn a lot more there from my words. What I will say, this is my favourite of the three, top class stuff.

Finally, “No Normal” is almost what I would have expected to hear from a collaboration from these two, of course in a good way! It goes darker and deeper with a edge, highlighted by the whispering vocal sample. It’s synth layers are built to take a dancefloor to pieces at 4am and I want to be there when it does.

It’s taken Jimpster and Matt Masters years to knock out an EP together, hopefully  it wont take as long for the next.