Review: Lorenz Rhode – Sandpaper EP

Dirt Crew Recordings and Lorenz Rhode drop an early Xmas present with the new Sandpaper EP, out Friday 4 December.

Having worked together so successfully in the past, Lorenz Rhode enlists the very special vocal talents of the Jamie Lidell for the title track of the EP. “Sandpaper” has an energy and bounce that is infectious. The stunning soulful vocals of Lidell sit wonderfully alongside a selection of layers including Rhodes keys, Moog bass and analogue synth. This is a proper fun house tune but don’t let that description take anything away from the serious quality provided.

The second original track on the EP is one of my favourite individual tracks of 2020.  “On The Nightshift” has a somewhat classic sound and simplicity in how it is presented, but you don’t have to listen long to be blown away by the creativity both rhythmically and through its chord progressions which are just next level business. The keys, sonic elements, loops, hooks and funk fuelled bass-line make this a track i can just listen to over and over again. And will.

The new partnership of Lorenz Rhode and Dam Swindle’s Lars Dales going under the name Sound Support, provide a remix of “Sandpaper” which takes the original down an electronic disco hole and really gives it a completely different feel, and I approve!

Everything for me leads back to “On The Nightshift”, what a track and when I listen back to all the great house music that has been created and released this year, this track will be sitting very close to, if not on the top of the pile.

Check out the sampler below for a taste of all the tracks from the EP noted above and an instrumental version of lead track which is included in the package and get your copy HERE