Review: Nebraska – Drum Tracks EP

Nebraska delivers the ninth release on his own Friends and Relations label with his own Drum Tracks EP, four original creations for your listening pleasure.

Over the last three years, as well as continuing to deliver the highest level releases for Heist and Razor n Tape, Nebraska introduced us to his label Friends and Relations. The freedom of creativity releasing on his own label allows, is something we enjoy very much and continues on his latest Drum Tracks EP.

The first piece “Deep Tune” is all about the vocal or monologue. Not disregarding anything else on the track of course. It opens with subtle sample, continuous organ which becomes quite hypnotic and drum brushes before the kick and vocal join together and set the tone for the minutes ahead. Building with claps, clever percussion, bass line and manipulated sample (I think) to add the groove, the sound picks the vibe up to late-night-head-down-dance-floor levels. This is a beaut of a track that sucks me right in.

“Drum Track 01” is a percussive bass heavy sample laden creation. Headphones or killer sound system a must to get the full affect of a track that will push and pull you all over the sonic place. Like a film you can watch again and again and keep seeing something new, this is the musical equivalent.

Onto the B side and “Shift” is a mind bending dose of deep house that, although keeps the bpms steady, ends up having quite a relentless feel to it. Deep sounds pulse, roll and carry you along before higher pitched keys are introduced to do the real damage. Clubs should be re-opened for this track, just for my own amusement to see the mess at 5am.

Finally “Drum Track 02”. This must have taken some work! All sorts of beats, loops and samples chopped up, messed about with and glued back together in such a clever way, making it highly infectious in a want to get up and dance kind of way. It adds, takes away, layers and effects throughout, giving you a breath here and there before kicking back in. Lovely stuff.


This release is limited to just 300 copies on Vinyl and you can pre-order HERE. Date of release TBA

Check out clips to the EP below on NEBRASKA SOUNDCLOUD and follow him on INSTRAGRAM HERE