Review: Armless Kid – Rewind EP

Armless Kid moves to Fina Records for their 30th release. A label who continue to delve into the pool of great new talent and a label definitely worth following on their journey.

Young French house head Armless Kid has been a key figure on the Paris house scene over recent years and we hope to be seeing him in London in the future (check out his DJ sets via his Soundcloud) but it was two or three years ago with his release on Classic Music that I first came across him with his Jado Jodor EP and track Loubar’s Stars in particular.

Anyway to the here and now. Titled Rewind EP, Xavier (to his mates) delivers four fresh new tracks full of true House flavours. This EP works as individual parts and as a whole. Each track offers something quite different from those around it, a real sense of getting your money’s worth, while not being so completely different that you couldn’t slap each and everyone track into a set to really work the dance floor.

Opening number “Shadows” is a deep house groover which bounces with simple chords and keys plus hypnotic vocal sample. The track rolls along with short breakdown and only subtle changes to the loops and groove. WIth beats prominant as well, this is a late night twister that needs a big warm soundsystem and very dark dancefloor!

“Lost Day” doesn’t take long to get going with a big fat uptempo kick drum which is shortly followed by a Rhodes piano sample which the track is built around. With plenty of other layers and a driving mid section, this really has an old school DIY production value to it, and in a good way.

Next is another uptempo and jackin’ number in “Brute Factor Disco” which is all about the percussive elements, from the creative beats and additional percussion, all alongside the bassline that also contributes in this area. This is a track that’s just up! Additional layers, electro riffs and 80s disco vocal added to the mix, this is the track where you know the producer is French, you can hear it a mile off. And again, to repeat myself, in a good way, as if there wasn’t the final track to report on, it would have been my pick of the bunch…….

But up steps “Natural FL Groove” and pips her at the post! A funk fuelled house gem with a side of disco flavouring. This builds just perfectly and sets you up for what is about to come. And once it does, the stapping funk of the bassline is infectious, add to that smooth chords, clever vocal sample and more funk-esque keys and you have a head bobbing, hip shaking, foot twisting belter of a track.

Check out my favourite track below and you can BUY/ORDER IT FROM THE FINA BANDCAMP HERE with official release date 29 May 2020.