Ear To The Ground: Gene Tellem – Mind Reader EP

Canadian Gene Tellem returns to Wolf Music with a brand new EP featuring three original works and a remix from Jenifa Mayanja and released on Vinyl and Digital 26 February.

All three tracks across the EP offer a little something different for the dancefloor. However, the creative beats and percussion from Gene Tellem are perfectly balanced and classy. Add multiple layers of synths, basslines and groove and this is an EP of the highest order.

Jenifa Mayanja takes the lead track ‘Ain’t Got Everything’ to new atmospheric heights with a wonderful build and key loops but have to say my pick of the EP is the driving, Detroit heavy ‘Mind Readers’ which is going to terrorise plenty of dancefloors and hopefully some of ours this summer!! Woooohooo!!

Listen below and GET YOUR COPY HERE!