Mark Rae Artist Profile – North Fest 10

Mark Rae was co-owner of the mighty Fat City record shop in Manchester which spawned Mark’s soon to become world renowned record label Grand Central. Releasing the seminal ‘Northern Sulphuric Soul’ in ’98 alongside his production partner Steve Christian.

Mark’s music catalogue is huge and he has worked with many absolute legends including Bobby Womack, Jay Z, The Pharcyde and Jazzy Jef.

A son of Manchester for 16 years, Mark is now a local alongside us in NW10.

We look forward to welcoming Mark to the funky stage on Aug 14th and have picked one of his sets  which sums up his fun and funky as fu#k style perfectly

We caught up with Mark about North Fest 10 and how he has been navigating lockdowns.

LHM – How have you been spending your time over the lockdown periods of the last year?

Mark Rae – I have been finishing a debut novel and a soundtrack album to go with it. Summer 21 for the music and Autumn 21 for the book. Also lounge wrestling a 5 year old!

LHM – Tell us one of your favourite tracks of 2020 that you were unable to play but we can look forward to hearing at North Fest 10?

MR – PHD ’I Wont Let You Down’ JSQUARED rework.

LHM – We have four stages at North Fest 10, any artists on another stage you are looking forward to hearing?

MR – Cam Brott, Nick Manasseh (who did a remix for Grand Central back in 96!)

LHM – What else do you have planned for the year ahead ?

MR – Lots more ‘This Is How We Did It’ series and most importantly the launch of my novel. Quite a big one ahead!

Check out this quality mix from Mark and don’t forget to get buy your ticket via the button below!