Review: Breach – Sun Salutations EP

Two blissful house tracks from Breach released Friday 5 February on label These Eyes. This Ben Westbeech alias doesn’t come around as often as we would like.

Both tracks are of the highest order and title track Sun Salutations, takes a step back into the house archives while never sounding old. The sound of drum machines, analogue synths and multiple loops and layers give the track a special atmospheric or dare i say Balearic vibe.

New Horizons ft Cinnaman continues in a not dissimlar vein but with a deeper groove which roles on with a pace and sound that will take you far away if you let it. This is a track that will have you zoned out on the beach, warmed up in the basement, head down at 4am or at sun rise on a terrace (Covid 19 restrictions pending), this is a piece of dance music goodness for all times! This track is my pick and may I say sensational!

No need for any more waffle, just get tucked into both tracks below and buy your vinyl copy RIGHT HERE