Review: Scan 7 – Sooner Than Later EP (Heist050)

Heist reach the 50 release milestone and welcome for the first time to the label, Detroit legends Scan 7 for this irresistible EP.

The mysterious Scan 7 have been flying the flag of underground house and techno for many years and as we know from speaking to Heist’s Marten Smeets in our Label Business 002 feature recently, having them create for the labels 50th release was a very exciting prospect and now we have heard the result, we certainly understand why.

The first track “All Of Me” is a good vibes house belter packed with soul.  A thumping kick and live bass set the tone from the off, with brass and vocal sample not far behind. Addition layers of piano hooks, strings and additional keys take this to next level business.

Second on the list is “The Best Is Yet To Come” and this take is back into House history with analogue sounds from the beats, organ chords, vocal sample, drawn out strings and simple structure. Pacy BPMs, it builds and takes away, adds a few wonky twists, and the result is a firing dance floor bomb.

Finally “The Funk That Stunk” is a relentless piece of work which has their stamp all over it. The fierce beats and percussion are accompanied by a live sounding bass, single vocal sample and organ stab which almost become part of the percussion themselves. Strings are added and a proper Detroit work out ensues.

Heist and Scan 7……….2020 isn’t all that bad after all. Make sure you get YOUR COPY HERE