Review: Kassian – 8th Movement EP

Kassian pair up with Heist Recordings, the label that gave them their debut release back in 2018. We thought it fitting we reviewed their new EP 8th Movement, out 10 July.

Comprising of three original tracks and a remix from Parisian Leo Pol, Kassian have delivered a release which really makes you slightly depressed you can’t be bouncing around a dancefloor at 4am right now! “Apollo”, the opener on the EP, is a bumping track that matches the bouncing beats, quality percussion and disco/funk heavy baseline with groove laden layers of keys, vocal samples and hooks that create a high energy final result which offers no let up from start to finish.

Title track “8th Movement” keeps the drive going with a deeper smooth opening. As the track progresses, the sound builds with a sonic edge and the introduction of an acid line takes the track into new realms that weren’t quite expected. Add a couple of other hooks and a familiar vocal sample and this becomes a fierce House record of some class.

“Apollo” gets a remix from Leo Pol. This takes more of a disco turn with new beats taking their place alongside the original percussion and prominent bass line. Additional strings and layers are worked quite beautifully around original strands that have been effected for a slightly different feel to the overall composition. Equally as good as the original for me but not going to pick sides here!

Finally “Brass Hammer”, a stomper of a deep house track. Driving beats and simple rolling bass line set the tone for this head down dance floor winner. Around these elements are further sounds adding percussive parts while sporadic Rhodes keys, with an improvised feel, bring the soul through with the help of further layers of sounds, grooves and female vocal sample that drops in and out. All in all, this is the belter for me out of the four!

Thanks fellas for this one, it is a top class release. There is no limit to where these two can go, give them your support.



PS: Loving the EP artwork as always on Heist!