Review: Catz ‘n Dogz – Moments (Album)

Released on 26 June on their own Pets Recordings, the prolific Polish duo Catz ‘n Dogz have produced a 12 track long player, all created and recorded over the last few months as the world went into lockdown.

When speaking to other artists and producers over the last weeks, many have spoken of the recent global changes to everyday life having an affect on their mindset and as a result their production, especially as they have had more time than ever to themselves and in the “studio”, whatever that looks like during this time. Over the months ahead it will be interesting to see what this looks and sounds like, but we can start by taking a ear to the brand new album from Catz n Dogz.

What has always been exciting about Catz ‘n Dogz productions is what guise they will be in from release to release, whether electronica, various forms of underground house or indie and disco vibes. This album we will look at as a sum of all the parts as opposed to working through each track individually.

Starting with the overall sound, their diversity and creativity reaches another level with a real lo-fi list of tracks that is quite unexpected when you compare their output through their EPs as both producers and label. But there are two obvious and key elements which contribute to this, first it is an LP. This isn’t all about the dancefloor, this is a combination of music and tracks that have another goal in mind, this can be a very different process of creation, an opportunity to work without the constraints of the club and dance floor at the back of your mind. In addition, if you look back at Catz ‘n Dogz previous LPs, OK you wont hear the volume of downtempo beats but you most certainly will hear them stretching their creative limbs to be able to reach further musically than their “norm”.

Second, this album was created in Lockdown! This absolutely must have had an effect on their day to day being and therefore what was produced. The guys have said this album is a “diary of all the ups and downs we went through the last couple of months” and that they “were trying to focus on little pockets of joy every day” which is where the album title Moments comes from.

The creative and production process must have been completely different from normal, not being together as a musical pairing, working online without the usual studio surroundings and hardware and when you note the numerable collaborations that are on the album, recording live voice and musicians from afar. However none of this is in detrement to the final outcome.

With all this in mind, taking the time to listen to the album in its entirety, it really does allow you to immerse yourself and let the mood, lyrics and your own personal experiences of recent times be reflected. But don’t think this album “Moments” is something that is only for now, the quality of the creations is outstanding and certainly doesn’t rely on our current vibe to be enjoyed and appreciated.

It’s hard to pick out any stand out tracks as it is an album that could see you change your mind on a regular basis. As we said, this is an LP and the sum of the parts, of which new practices, situation, collaboration and as the album title confirms, Moments, have come together to make one great piece of work. Get involved.


Check out a taster of every track on the album below and you can BUY HERE from 26 June.