Review: Risk Assessment – Bad Times EP

Released on 19 June, Midnight Riot drop the new Risk Assessment EP with remix from Yam Who?

Risk Assessment is pretty new to the Midnight Riot camp with his first release on the label just a few months ago. After “The Brother From Another Planet” EP, we are very happy to see them combine again for this new “Bad Times” EP.

Whether his productions or edits, Risk Assessment releases are packed with soul. For this forthcoming release he takes apart early 80s Hip Hop track from Captain Rapp. Risk Assessment’s original “Bad Times” makes perfect use of the stunning female vocal and stabbing bass line, where both hit you square in the chest from the outset. The vocal is exceptional and with the heavy disco beats, additional layers of guitar riffs and synth keys, this goes up several disco funk fuelled levels.

Yam Who? runs with the remix, building the opening with beat-less keys and vocal, setting you up for the bass line and beats to take hold, which of course they do! As the track progresses, multiple layers are added around the vocal and bassline which don’t let up throughout the whole remix. Stunning chords alongside a creative freedom on keys and synth. this is a remix packed with so many elements, it is a wonder they fit so perfectly, and they do.

I am not going to pick a track of the EP, I think it would be quite unfair to do so, it is just well packaged release with both the original and remix sitting so well next to each other. With the two releases Risk Assessment has delivered in 2020 on Midnight Riot, I sincerely hope they see a lot more of each other over the time ahead.

Review score – Belter!

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