Review: SMBD – Purple Winds EP

The beauty of a SMBD release is the beauty of a SMBD release. This new Purple Winds EP is released on 5 June.

But really, it is that simple for me. From the craft, creativity and diversity within his music, his sound ticks all the boxes for all the musical guises I have as an individual. It is like if I had any ounce of musical talent to mold wonderous sonic creations, I would strive to sound like SMBD.

Gushing maybe but credit where it is due. Dirt Crew highlight in their release notes that they have been after SMBD for a while and made up to get him. The combination works for sure. This is the second release for the label this year with the first from Harry Wolfman (which was also great!). The label continue to be known for their quality deep underground house but with the artists they choose to work with, such as The Revenge, Dampe, Nachtbraker and the two former mentioned, there is always going to be a an edge to the EP as a whole, something that keeps us returning to Dirt Crew time and again.

Purple Winds EP is five tracks of sonic goodness. Starting the ball rolling is “Piano Lick”, this is a layered piece of deep house, packed with an underlying dose of proper soul which makes it both warm and dancefloor ready all at the same time. Next up is -8-. The track takes its time to build through three quarters of the track with percussive sounds and synth stabs effected and manipulated before a heavy dose of acid vibes takes the track to a close.

“Glory” sets the tone of what’s to come from the off, with Rhodes keys and hi-hat bringing a sense of soul/jazz to the house proceedings. Sincopated beats and slick bassline add to the groove of what is for me, my track of the EP.

Moving onto title track “Purple Winds” is an electronic sound scape set over break beats that chop and cut through the drawn out layers of sound that create quite some atmosphere. And finally, “Nan Madol” is stunning! An ambient delight that (following a little google action into the tracks title) is as stunning as the ancient site of the same name that sits in the Pacific Ocean.

Uniquely wonderful. Let’s hope this is the first of further releases from this combination. Listen to “Piano Lick” from the release below and CLICK HERE to preorder (or buy if you are reading this after the 5 June).