Review: Ralph Session – It’s A Love Thang EP

Ralph Session drops his new It’s A Love Thang EP on his own label Half Assed Records and continues to impress following a run of top class remixes and releases. This EP is definitely a tale of two sides and all four tracks on the EP work wonders!

To the music, first on side A is up tempo bouncing full on House track “Check It Out” which offers a little nod to years gone by. Pretty simple and no messing in its structure, the straight up beats set up the body shaking vibe while bass line and loops create the additional rhythm. Additional sounds and vocal samples do the rest, and although I like the feeling, this is my least favourite of the four.

Sitting next on side A is “Dope” another track that could be described quite similarly in some ways to the above, however there is just a whole extra something within this that gives you a proper elbow drop from the top rope! The beats have that Chicago jacking business, bass just rolls a little harder and the loops and keys just make you want to get your head down and tucked into some serious dancing. It is the sum of the parts for sure and the layers in this work perfectly together taking it up, up, up. Using a word frequented in several of my reviews, this is an absolute belter! Expect it ruining a dance floor near you soon.

Side B takes it down deeper a notch but with no less quality. In the Half Assed Records biog, the labels sound “lean[s] towards the New York/Chicago/NJ sound”. So before I start sounding all clever referencing more cities, Ralph Session has already set me up for this and being quite distinctive with what he creates, maybe this is why we are loving what he is doing right now when many sound so generic. I continue, “It’s Alright” retains the tempo but takes on a deeper New York sound. Lot’s of groove throughout with a bouncing bass line, long drawn out chords, synth key loops and vocal sample phrasing the track title. This isn’t a deep house track for the afternoon, but a hypnotic very late into the night groover with a whole lot of soul, which I can confidently say is my track of the EP. Brilliant!

For the final track on the EP, Ralph teams up with DJ Romain to finish off the release in some style with “Feel The Music”. Creative percussion added to the beats, this gem is going to warm up or close many a dance floor. Synth key stabs and bass line plus vocal sample will pick you up, get your head out of the early or late night fog and back into the present, you know everything will just feel alright when you feel this at 5am!

So there you have it, released on 24 April, we highly recommend this and make sure you look back into more Ralph Session and Half Assed releases (check out his Bandcamp here) as they are well worth your ear. I am sure we will be reviewing the label and artist again in the not so distant future.