Review: Kraak & Smaak – Pleasure Centre Remixed Sampler

AtJazz and Turbotito take to remix duties for the release of Kraak and Smaak’s Pleasure Centre Remixed Sampler, with two tracks taken from their latest album in this brand new EP.

Following the release of their excellent album via their own label Boogie Angst at the end of 2019, Kraak and Smaak kick off a remix project of picking tracks from the album and attracting some of the best remixers around to add their flavour to their work.

Released on 17 April, Turbotito and AtJazz take control remixing Pleasure Centre and Say The Word respectively.

Turbotito has the enviable task of remixing album title track Pleasure Centre. The cinematic original was a stunning opening to the studio album and the remix does it the justice it deserves retaining the atmosphere, key arabic style strings, while taking the pace up a notch with beats, acidic loops, keys and disco vibes that will take this straight to the dancefloor. This is every which way a winner!

Say The Word featuring the vocals of Nic Hanson has been given the AtJazz treatment which is never a bad thing. The beauty of this remix is the structure of the original has been retained, with the vocal sitting within the track in its entirety and key elements such as the keys/Xylophone (not sure what the sound is exactly, apologies creators!) all taking pride of place However, AtJazz adds some quality house vibes with wonderful production combining new beats, basslines and also acidic elements to make this a brilliant house record.

Class from top to bottom, the originals and the remixes. This will be released on 17 April via the Kraak & Smaak Bandcamp here.



Check out the AtJazz remix below –