LHM’s Five Favourite Kon Edits

With Kon on the bill this May for our Deep Into Soul X LHM party at The Loft, as well as the fact that his incredible edits have been a feature on LHM dancefloors for many years, we celebrate the work of this crate digger extraordinaire, as I pick my five favourite Kon edits.

With his ear perfectly tuned to the dancefloor as we have witnessed with his body shaking DJ sets, he is able to adapt his chosen works for both the benefit of the dancer and DJ. In addition, his ridiculous knowledge of funk, soul, disco, jazz and more has seen him bring to life some stunning music that may have passed many of us by, while being able to work wonders with household tracks we already know and love.

All of our selected five are available via KONS BANDCAMP SITE HERE. You will see plenty more edits available too, so have a listen and see if our choices match yours. Plus they are all available to buy and a few free downloads in there too!

1. Cloud One – Atmosphere Strutt (Kons Fly Away Edit)
The list of five is in no particular order, with the exception of this first choice which is my favourite Kon edit to date! I absolutely love the sensational original and Kon has taken on the edit with incredible subtlety and grace.

2. Kamasi Washington – Re Run (Kon Rework)
A modern day Jazz hero for me, this track from Kamasi Washington was released on the ‘Epic’ LP in 2015. Taking away the live drums from any jazz creation is always a risk but Kon just ramps up the dancefloor vibes while retaining the creative freedom of the original.

3. Side Effect – Always There (Kon Rework)
Such a well known track and the original already has the dancefloor drive, vibes and length to get plenty of air time. What is so great about the rework is how Kon pulls different parts of the original to the forefront of the edit, giving it a different funked up sound to the original.

4. Kon and the Gang – Get It Together
This has just so much groove. Don’t know if there are multiple samples or original parts added but the chorus from early 80s funk heavy track Is Something Wrong With You by Bobby Thurston has been reworked in the most wonderful fashion. This is a track you could have on loop and never get bored. Try not moving to this, impossible.

5. Stanley Clarke – Koncerto For Rock (Kon’s Edit)
Taking it down tempo to finish this piece and this entry is exactly why I love discovering new Kon edits. Stanley Clarke is not an artist I had been too familiar with and not only has Kon taken a great part of a particular work to play with and create this gem, but also opened my eyes to an artist, I had little knowledge or interest to look further into. Now I have and very grateful for this I am too.