An Interview with Franck Roger

On Saturday 9 November, Deep Into Soul and Lovedance bring their parties together once again for another killer night expected at Loft Studios, a setting for so many of our favourite nights of the last few years at LHM. The night brings together an all star international cast including Mike Dunn and Terry Hunter from Chicago, Ge-Ology from NYC and from Paris, the great Franck Roger and it is him who we managed to chat to and a total pleasure it was.

LondonHouseMusic – You are obviously known as a house producer and DJ but you are playing a disco set at Loft Studios on 9 November, tell us about your love of disco.

Franck Roger – Well I went to clubs at the age of six (which was totally illegal) as my parents knew very well the club owner. So every Saturday I was inside the club playing pinball, hanging out and I was obviously listening some of the best Disco songs in the early eighties. Later when I was a teenager I discovered hip hop etc but Disco has and will always be around me. For me it’s the best music to play has a DJ, that way of playing Disco (i mean real one and not re-edits with quantize) makes the difference when you hear a real Disco DJ playing it.

LHM – There are well known Disco heritages in New York and London but maybe not so much in Paris, are there any unsung heroes of the French 70’s and 80’s disco scene we should now about ?

FR – Oh we had our time also with the disco but maybe not at his best. We used to have tons of bands of Disco but they were kinda cheesy if you want. The big radio [stations] were playing hits like « Born to be alive » which was a massive hit but let’s look more into French producer and song writer like Cerrone, Michel Berger, Ponty, Gainsbourg as well. It was the trend back in the days to make at any price the same sound of NY Disco if you want but yes, we got many of them to discover and some rare gems are today re edited and getting out of the box.

LHM – There has been a massive resurgence of interest in disco in the UK over a good few years now, is it the same in France and where are the popular regions and which parties?

FR – We have some good parties like La Mona or at the Djoon where you can spend a fantastic night around the Disco sound.

LHM – Please give us five of your favourite disco tracks we are likely to hear on the 9th. 

FR – Hugo LX – Desire. Really like that disco instrumental from Parisian producer HugoLX, it’s very refreshing to hear the new generation being able to create a such track with that much emotions inside.

Well.. this one is anthem for me, it brings so much good energies to play with it; those drums are just mad and always shuffling and moving. Not easiest track to mix with but it’s a sure shot killer.

Well this one from James is pure class; that brings me back in Miami chilling around the pool drinking a kinda rainbow cocktail. RIP JAMES, one of the best voices ever.

Let’s go to something more dirty now. The original is perfection in many ways, the sound engineering, the edit is amazing as it is and the voice is just a dirty dance around the snakes.

Well there is nothing to say about this one, this is just the meaning of perfection to me. Georges Duke..the bossss

What releases have you got coming out in the near future ?

You can buy your tickets for Deep Into Soul X Lovedance and get all the information on the event by clicking on the ticket button below. Thanks to Franck for taking the time to talk to us and can’t wait to hear his set this November.