Three original tracks and no remixes on one EP is something I have mentioned before is right up my street. Showcase your wares if you have the merchandise and Hugo Mari certainly has them in abundance.

We’ll tell you from the off, this is a great EP! Teaming up with Freerange feels like a big plus for both parties. Not being unkind to Freerange as they have delivered some of our favourite house music out there, but I feel like I have been waiting for a release like this from them for a while and couldn’t be more happy. Following Hugo Mari’s release on Heist not so long ago (worth checking as well if you didn’t come across it), this is such a top class follow up, with all three tracks of the hightest order.

Lead track Unalloyed Pleasure gets stuck in with quality beats, cheeky samples and a slappy baseline that delivers a proper dancefloor stomper. Raise It Up brings the disco vibes with hooks galore, jazz guitar, strings, vocals, the works. Infectious is the best way to describe it. Finally Just A Memory takes on the groovy deep role for the EP with synth keys, lovely rolling percusion and smooth as you like bassline.

You could say the EP has something for everyone, but for me, I love them all. Could I pick a winner…………the disco business of Raise It Up pips the other two at the post. Check them out for yourself below and CLICK HERE to get your copy, it’s out now!

Barry x