Son Of Sound: Evolve EP – Review

The combination of Son Of Sound releasing his new EP Evolve on Sistrum Recordings, Patrice Scott’s label (a DJ LHM welcomed to London for their parties over recent years), was always going to be a very exciting prospect and the result is as predicted, top class!

Rather than going into too much flannel about each track in detail, there are just a few points I want to address and then let the music do the talking.

First is the whole EP itself. It really is a complete package, three original tracks that sit so nicely alongside each other, something that isn’t always the case. No remixes to pad it out or offer something different, no randomness, just three new tracks that are both so different but so similar at the same time, in a great way.

Second is the freedom in creation you can hear in each track. You can almost hear the creative juices flowing, obviously in the lead track Evolve but also through both The Music and Be About It.

Finally it is Son Of Sound. You just know it. From the beats to the syncopated elements to the cut up vocal samples and as mentioned above, the freedom without being out of control is just ace.

Simply put, big up Son Of Sound and Sistrum for this absolute killer.