Love Vinyl 2nd Birthday with Rick Wilhite

Another milestone for the excellent record store Love Vinyl as they turn 2 years old. Just a couple of years ago many said they were crazy to be opening a record store but this hub of great music has gone from strength to strength with literally every quality DJ and producer (i’m not joking!) passing through playing instores, signings and more, they now even have their own label which has just released their first 7″.

For their celebrations, they head to Trapeze Basement for a night which features Love Vinyls own Stuart Patterson, Zaf, Dave Jarvis and Jake Holloway. However, in addition, none other than Rick Wilhite (Three Chairs) flies in from Detroit to appear at what is guaranteed to be a sensational night of simply stunning beats.

Tickets are recommended and available from the button below. Do not miss the chance to celebrate with this great store and team who run it, they are an important part of the London music and club culture and here’s to many more birthdays!