Colors#35 Dia De Los Muertos

12177646_10154346425478079_1824072008_oA very special Day of the Dead party for Halloween from our friends Colors who host this quality night of house music with special guest Felix Dickinson. A night you don’t want to miss.

Number 90 Bar in Hackney Wick plays host to this the lastest Colors event and they welcome three top quality DJs in Felix Dickinson, Stuart Patterson and Thomas Roland, ensuring the sound track to the night will be perfectly placed for such a celebration!

Before death everything is a dream says the ancient Mexican! In Mexico, Day of the Dead or Halloween here, is when the dead spirits return to their earthly homes to pay a visit and rejoice with their loved ones. This period of the year is full of life, happiness, colours, food, family and fun celebration!

The Colors crew have advised the traditional colours embraced on the Day of the Dead are white, black, purple, pink, yellow, orange and red. Please feel free to welcome this tradition, come dressed as a Mexican ghost, in skeletons or skulls (calaveras or calacas) wear marigold flowers or halloween style fancy dress, rather colorful and lively!

If you wish to attend please click the guest list button below and send your names to the Colors crew.

Guest list