Interview: Kon and Amir

This Saturday 8 November, Love Vinyl record store in Hoxton will be hosting their first party at the brilliant Corsica Studios. Known for their crate digging exploits, Zaf, Love Vinyls own purveyor of rare plastic, had a chat with the duo individually before they all meet up behind the decks in the main room this weekend.

All the information and links to Love Vinyl presents Kon and Amir are HERE


Zaf with Kon

Zaf Love Vinyl: LoveVinyl are super excited to be able to bring yourself & Amir back together in London When was your last gig together in London? Or anywhere for that matter?

Kon: Last time we spun was actually in London last year

Z LV: What new releases have you got coming out soon on vinyl?

Kon: More startime stuff and I’ll have a new EP out soon on Soulclaps label

Z LV:  Is there a new comp planned with Amir in the near future?

Kon: Not that I know of… Zaf, you’ve used up any remaining gems left on your comps, nothing left to use!

Z LV: How much vinyl do you still buy? Old or new?

Kon: Ugh…my drugs… I spend quite a bit still mainly on old, the occasional new thing as well.

Z LV:When was the last gig you played vinyl only and how was it?

Kon: When traveling I don’t really play vinyl so it’s been a while, I’d say within a year or so I’ve dropped an all 45 set. Feels good!

Z LV: We had the Soul Clap Crew from Boston in LoveVinyl earlier this week and they cited you & Amir as mentors….does it seem your making a difference to the Boston dance scene, or are you more respected in Europe?

Kon: How nice of the young lads.  Dunno about a difference, there are certainly more heads in Europe/UK than in Boston.

Z LV: Are you hyped about the LoveVinyl party & playing with Amir?

Kon: I’m excited to play  some treats, and it’ll be nice to see my homie.

Z LV: How do you find record digging internationally in relation to the states and your hometown, and do you have a favourite city to dig?

Kon: The states are great if you’re a dealer who sends mail outs and makes a living off of selling vinyl,
otherwise it sucks. A few spots in London and Amsterdam I’d say are my favs.

Z LV: Which producer / producers have had the biggest impact on your production style?

Kon: So many, from Marley Marl to motor city ensemble.

Z LV: What tools do you use in the studio and what is the one piece of gear you couldn’t live without and why?

Kon: My mac…cuz everything ends up there. I used to use an MPC. I use Maschine and Ableton these days.


Zaf with Amir

Zaf Love Vinyl: LoveVinyl are really proud & excited to have yourself & Kon at our debut event at Corsica Studio’s… Have you DJ’d there before?

Amir: I have never djed at Corisca Studios but I have heard nothing great things about the venue!  I am really excited to spin there along with many friends that will be spinning.

Z LV: When did you first DJ in London? What was it like and what did you play?

Amir: I first djed in London back in 2004 at a place called the Roundhouse.  It was a small gig for Kon and myself but it was our first time in London.  The gig was cool but it wasn’t the greatest sound system.

Z LV: We know you have moved over to Serato for djaying most of your international gigs, but if the choice was yours, would you still prefer to use vinyl?

Amir: Even though I moved over to Serato for most of my international gigs; if the choice was mine in terms of cost, damage control, and the often event of theft plus the weight of all that stuff, I would use vinyl all day everyday!

Z LV: Are you still actively digging for vinyl at home & abroad? Is the passion still there?

Amir: I am def still actively digging for records!  That will never stop!  The passion will never die. I was just in Berlin where I got some real good bits.

Z LV: What’s the last killer record you found? Most you’ve paid for a record?

Amir: The last killer record I found was a second copy (for me) of the 12″ by Coast to Coast-Reincarnation of Love.  The most I paid for a record was $500 for the Jan Schaffer record Hörselmat  back in 1998.

Z LV: Will there be another Kon & Amir comp soon?

Amir: Will there be another Kon and Amir comp?  Good question, Kon and I have not really talked about in a while but I would love to do another one.

Z LV: Which was your most memorable gig this year and why?

Amir: The most memorable gig this year so far was the gig I did recently with Bobbito and Tony Touch in Lille, France.  I had already known Bobbbito since the early 90s and that’s my homie but Tony I had never met.  He was so cool and just chill.  We all vibed really well and the crowd def could tell!

Z LV: How annoying is it to be confused with Kon and his remixes?

Amir: Not only is it annoying to still be confused with Kon and his remixes but I it is become a bad joke now lol!  I mean I always say to people whether in interviews or in person…nah that’s all Kon!  Or I say, I am Amir not Kon and just laugh!  I mean there are people who have known us personally for years that still confuse me with kon lol!

Z LV: What’s in the pipeline for 180 proof Records?

Amir: What is next in the pipeline for 180 Proof is most likely an unreleased Latin record on Strata.  Should be early late winter/early spring.

Kon and Amir play for Love Vinyl at Corsica Studios this Saturday 8 November. Click the ticket button to buy cheapest rate tickets.Tickets