Ear To The Ground: Ralph Session – Fresh Cuts EP

We have been in the loop on this release from Ralph Session and Black Riot since word came out of this coming together of dancefloor minds and the result is a seriously good one. Black Riot continue to relentlessly release new house fully focussed on the party and Ralph Session follows up a succession of quality cuts with a three (four with the instrumental) track EP that will have club sound systems bouncing over the festive period.

As well as having the best track title of 2021, opener “Doo Da Doo” and “Forgot About The Records” both sit perfectly with the labels disco tinged leanings and the sample heavy tracks have phat basslines, slapping house beats, all cleverly cut up and pieced together to make two seriously funked up belters that have more energy than a Duracell bunny on pingers!

“Make Me Feel” is very Ralph Session. Groove laden with stunning layers of bass, chords, keys, acid hooks and vocal sample, never over done, never too much, adding and removing just enough at just the right time. This creation played into the night on any dancefloor will take dancers up to the next level or deep into a world of their own. Either way this is killer.

It is easy to say look out for this person and that person in 2022, but Ralph has been knocking out quality for a good while now and it just feels like his time is now! Coming to a record shop and DJ booth near you soon.

Check out the tracks below and make sure you buy your copy here.