Ear To The Ground: Jimpster – Remixed EP

Out now on Freerange, Jimpster takes some of the stunning tracks he has released over the last 12 months and brings in a crack squad to add their skills, sound and originality to create this collection of remixes.

Bizarrely, so much music released over the duration of the pandemic has only just started to find their way to the dancefloor and there will also be many forgotten beats that may just fall away. This remix package of Jimpsters recent work not only offers us six new versions of some of his recent work, but also remind us what dancers have missed over our lock out from the clubs and hopefully allow us to revisit the ones that got away. In fairness this is probably one of the reasons of this release, and certainly not saying this is a bad thing.

Six remixers in Space Ghost, John Dixon, Teflon Dons, Kai Alce, Kareem Ali and Solid Gold Playaz take on ‘One’, ‘Smile For A While’, ‘Where Are You’, ‘Inside The Loop’, ‘Brought To Bare’ and ‘Echoes In My Head’ respectively and all work wonders in their creations.

Take a listen below and get your copy HERE. Make sure you also take a look and listen at the originals if you missed them first time round.